Join the Network and Become a Host Partner

Simply put becoming a Host Partner is participating in a Screen Sharing Program with other non-competitive locations in your area.  We all share the same customers so why not work together.  Some customers in other locations may be unique and not part of your customer base which is increasing your reach outside of your normal area of business.  You get a chance to constantly inform your own customers at your own location as well as outside your location.  Imagine your name, your brand, your message played thousands of times at a minimum of 4 other locations as well as inside messaging informing your customers of new products, services or other exciting information. Call to see how you too can join our network of screen sharing locations allowing your brand, your name, your business to be seen 10’s of thousands of times every single month.
Current Host List
Campbell’s Frozen Custard


4125 Merchant Plaza

Woodbridge, VA 22192



Los Toltecos of Woodbridge


4120 Merchant Plaza

Woodbridge, VA 22192



UFC Gym Woodbridge


4188 Merchant Plaza

Woodbridge, VA 22192



Lake Ridge Auto Care


4245 Seton Square

Woodbridge, VA 22192



Brown Sugar Hair Boutique


3097 Golansky Blvd

Woodbridge, VA 22192



DQ Grill & Chill Woodbridge


12465 Dillingham

Square Woodbridge, VA 22192



Pizza Gourmet


12425 Hedges Run Dr

Woodbridge, VA 22192



Tacketts Mill Car Wash


12831 Harbor Dr

Woodbridge, VA 22192

Here’s what you get when you Join the Network


1 - :30 seconds Inside Ad

Each Ad will play at a 100% Full Screen. No other material or images will be present when the INSIDE AD is playing.

1 - :30 seconds Outside Ad

The Outside Ad will be played at a minimum of 4 other non-competitive Partner locations.

4 Verticals that rotate every 8-30 seconds

Verticals are images that play on the right side of the screen and are mostly reserved for the Host Partner. We say mostly because we do promote ourselves as well as other possible charity events from time to time. Verticals come in two forms: Text and Picture based. When your Full Screen Inside Ad is not playing, the Verticals are there to keep your promos front and center with your customers. Many Host Partners use them to promote lower selling items or services that their customers aren’t aware of, such as Notary Services.

Want to join but still have questions?

Then give us a call that is what we are here for, no pressure. We get all kinds of questions so no question is a bad question. Here are a few examples:
Does the internet stream and use up my bandwith?
No. Like email, every so often it checks for any new updates. If there are none then no activity is used. If there is a change, it downloads and gets stored at the local player level (we provide).
Can I use a TV I already have?
It’s possible. Depending when the TV was purchased and the dimensions it supports. We use a dimension of 1920×1080 which most current TV’s will support but there are exceptions. Let us take a look and we’ll give you an answer. Our main concern is making sure you have the best quality TV. Remember you are part of a network, others are doing their part by making sure their quality and placement are up to standard, and it’s only fair that you do the same.
What if I do not have the One Time Setup and the Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) at the same time?
They are not both due at the same time but we’ll try our best to accommodate you. Once the MRC starts it will be billed on the 15th of each month with a credit card that we’ll have on file. There is always the option of prepaying and receiving a discount.
What if I can get some of my customers or vendors to advertise on my location?
Absolutely! This is a great way to reduce your MRC and eventually end up paying nothing or increasing the amount of outside locations that you can be featured on.
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